Dollars For Dreams Fundraising Campaign

As many of you may know, we have been fighting for our school’s proper share of attention from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) for our crumbling athletic facilities. Both WSOC Channel 9 and WBTV Channel 3 have shared our story with the world within the past 6 months.

Channel 9 Story On Athletic Facilities

Channel 3 Story On Athletic Facilities

However, our athletes, coaches, and students still need our support outside of that. For that reason, we are introducing the Dollars For Dreams initiative, which is a huge grassroots fundraising effort to fund all of our athletic programs with many needs. Take a look at this attached list, which shows how far behind we are in terms of funding our athletes with simple, basic needs that most schools simply take for granted.

Right here you can see a detailed document of our needs and where the donated money would go to.

Donating to us at Harding, you can rest assured that every dollar you give goes directly to our student-athletes, and it’s going to place that has been neglected for many years. Sure, it’s easy to give to the programs in our backyards, the programs that may have everything already, the programs that you see winning consistently all the time. But, we are asking you to donate your dollars to make a difference. Donate your dollars where they are needed the most. Donate YOUR dollars to make dreams come true.

Donations are accepted on our website at on the homepage through our Paypal Link. You can also simply donate $10 right here at the bottom of this page!

We thank you in advance for helping our kids and teams dreams, one dollar at a time!

Donation To Dollars For Dreams

If you would like to donate $10 to our Dollars For Dreams fundraising initiative, you can do so right here through Paypal! Please feel free to donate as many times as you like & share with those who may also want to help in a place that truly needs it!


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