April Booster Club Meeting Minutes

  • Discussed the structure of 2nd Annual Maroon & Gold Day – would start with stadium beautification at 9am, and actual celebration would start at 11am in stadium
  • Discussed free food for active attendees, music with dance contest, speaker with a short 10-15 minute message, having all sports teams from the school available to be recognized.
  • Also want to have the coaches for each team speak, offer sports physicals to those that missed Heart of a Champion Day, as well as market this to incoming freshmen as a possible welcome to Harding
  • Proposed activities included volleyball, cornhole, and possibly foursquare. Event is still being structured with possible new highlight to be a raffle for some very nice prizes as part of a fundraising effort for capital projects
  • Matt and Deborah will revisit the Corporate Sponsors document as there will be a grassroots effort in the Harding community to obtain sponsorships one weekend.
  • Coach Bailey to look into pricing and sizing for banners for businesses that may want to advertise within the stadium or gym.
  • Will discuss next meeting about attending the next scheduled school board meeting to get answers on where we stand with facility updates. Per Coach Bailey, fieldhouses have been discussed, but that is all we have heard recently.
  • Spring Banquet is scheduled for Thursday May 23rd at 6pm, please come and help if you are available. We will follow the same format as we have for the previous two banquets.
  • Next Booster Meeting will be moved to Wednesday May 8th at 6:30 pm in the Media Center