August 2019 Meeting Minutes

Harding Booster Club Agenda     Wednesday 08/07/2019


The following members attended tonight’s meeting: Matt Morrow, Tamara Luckey, Donna Caldwell, Kenneth Stevenson, Anita Cherry, Valerie Carrothers, Bryant Bailey, and Travis Withers.

Topic of Discussion Notes
●    Treasurer Report

●    Maroon and Gold Day Review



●    The following information shared with the group: Treasurer Report:  We are on a fiscal year taxes are due Nov 15th and will be submitted this month.  We have renewed website, insurance, and post office box.  We will be using funds to restock concession to begin the season. In response, have we received any mail? Why do we still have the post office box?  Ask Deborah is the post office box even necessary  How much does the box cost?

●    Maroon and Gold Day was engaging and a good time.  There was better participation this year in comparison with last year.  Still want to possibly coordinate with Open House to encourage Parent Participation.  What happened to the hotdogs? Kids asked about the hot dogs and wondered why it was advertised but not given.  Members stated that chicken was passed out instead.

●    Travis was thanked for his publicizing via Instagram and encouraged to continue doing so moving forward.  To also begin the positive publicizing via our website.

●    We had no update shared in regards of additional items to sale for back to school.

●    Concessions Plan for Upcoming Year

●    Fall Sports & Schedules




●    Following information shared :We are required to have permits for concession stands sales and will have a surprise inspection some time during the year.  We are looking for more adult volunteers, so we can be prepared and help student volunteers.  I asked if we had any possible volunteers.  Members responded with question of volunteers from church?  Could outsiders volunteer? I stated we should start with the members present and at the table.  I expressed that I would volunteer but my family and I already have chains every home game. Donna stated she needed to check her work schedule.  It was suggested to ask for volunteers via the website and instagram.  I stated if we do so, be sure to add CMS Volunteer form to the link. Any volunteer needs to be at the field by 5PM since the gates open 6PM.

●    First football game is August 23, 2019 at 6PM

●    First volleyball game and tennis match is August 20, 2019 and August 21, 2019 at 4PM

Valerie Carrothers shared that we have 3 paid members as of right now.  Members mentioned that we had an additional 2 members Chris Rankin and Anthony (Deborah’s brother)?  Anita Cherry paid $25 cash for her membership.  Money collected by Valerie and given to Luckey in Deborah’s absence.

It was noted that Open House is the same day as the first football game, August 23, 2019 at 4-6:30 PM.  It is highly recommended that we have a table at both Open House and the game.

●    Online T-Shirt Orders



Reorder has been placed. How many ordered this time? Matt shared he thinks 100 shirts again.  It was confirmed that all orders placed and shirts were in stock have been mailed.  The other orders will be mailed as soon as shirts come in.  Coach Bailey states they should be back within a week.
●    Capital Fundraising Project



Matt shared an overview of list shared from Coach Bailey of items needed by the sports department.  The vision is publicize the list for community members to volunteer to donate.  The publication will be via social media.  Travis stated he will be sure it is done and monitored.


●    WSOC Story On Facilities & Followup

●    Open Floor




●    In response to the viewing of the story, Kudos to the booster club representatives.  You all did a wonderful job representing the cause and bringing public attention to the concerns at Harding.

●    Coach Bailey shared the following were fixed within the past week: Press box of baseball field and football field, speakers added on baseball and softball field, replaced baseline fence, receiving new gym, minimal if any repairs to cafeteria, took away tennis courts to create staff parking lot, and repairs to the track field.  Coach Bailey stated that he made contact with new superintendent via email between the two of them and Principal Ward.

●    Anthony Hamilton wants to donate.  Anita plans to see him again on August 27, 2019 for an event.  She wants a copy of the list mentioned by Matt to share with Mr. Hamilton.

●    Next Executive Committee Meeting is Wednesday, August 21, 2019 at 6:30 PM at Beauregards.

●    Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday, September 4, 2019 at 6:30 PM in the Media Center on Harding University High School.