December Meeting Minutes

  • Deborah Hill reviewed the successful night of concessions at the West Charlotte game and thanked everyone for their help and hard work!
  • Upcoming home games are Friday December 7th against Vance and Wednesday December 12th against Anson County. Will need at least 3-4 people for every home basketball game going forward. Anson County is varsity only and starts at 6pm.
  • Matt Morrow to reach out to Coach Collins the track coach for an exclusive story within the next week or two. Also will try to get more pictures of all winter sports in action for the website/Instagram page.
  • We will be adding a table in the lobby of the gym to get more people to sign up for the Booster Club as well as continue to sell t-shirts.
  • Set the date for the Fall Sports Banquet to be on Thursday January 24th from 6pm-8pm. Dinner will be served in the cafeteria and awards to be presented in the auditorium. We will be working on getting food donated and decorating the cafeteria for the dinner.
  • The Instagram Account is growing steadily, and Ms. Norman provided some great pictures of volleyball in action to be shared and we will continue to promote our sports there and on the website to share with everyone.
  • Discussed the message we want to pitch to the CMS Board Meeting on Tuesday December 11th. Will wait to see on the weather to ensure the meeting will still take place before going with a mass promotion to get more people out to the meeting.
  • Created the official Booster Club Account at Wells Fargo and will spend the next couple of days getting the current money moved over to it and ready to go.
  • With the official account in place, we will start reaching out to corporate donors for different requests. We will have a detailed discussion about the fundraising plan on the Executive Committee call on December 18th.