June 2019 Meeting Minutes

** A special planning meeting for Maroon & Gold Day will be held on Thursday June 20th at 6:30 pm at Beauregard’s Restaurant on Freedom Drive. The sole purpose of this meeting will be planning this year’s Maroon & Gold Day. If interested in helping out, please attend!**

The next general session meeting of the Harding Rams Athletic Booster Club will be held Wednesday July 10th at 6:30 pm. Election of officers for next year’s Booster Club will take place; in order to vote or hold office you must have been a paid member for the previous year of the Booster Club per bylaws filed with the Internal Revenue Service.

Tracie Rankin and Mike Williams, Class of 1991, will be exploring starting an Alumni Association for Harding, and we as an Athletic Booster Club will provide our full support and assist them as needed!

We have a Facebook Page called “Harding Alumni Booster Club and Mentorship Program” Harding Booster Club On Facebook where information is posted on a regular basis, along with this website, and the emails of meeting minutes that have been going out on a monthly basis. We encourage anyone receiving this information to share this to help our message spread among alumni that may not be on these platforms. We will continue to try and spread our message in different places as well.

Local businesses were discussed for fundraising opportunities, and in the month of July we will visit these business in the hopes of securing sponsorship funds for this upcoming athletic season to help support all of our teams needs. If you would like to help with this, please let us know!

If you have friends or connections in the community that would like to give to help a school that needs it, please encourage them to contact us at huhsboosterclub@gmail.com or give us a call or text at 704-806-5269, our best help can come from within us!

Maroon & Gold Day will be Saturday July 27th from 11am-2pm on the campus of Harding – we will most likely look to be in the front of the school and beside the Media Center, along with some setup in the bus parking lot and baseball concession stand.

Please note that any donation to the Harding Rams Athletic Booster Club is tax deductible and 100% of your donation goes back to our athletic programs in the form of banquets, concessions, t-shirts, etc…..

Once again, we like to thank you all for your support through the first year of the return of the Harding Rams Athletic Booster Club, we are excited about establishing ourselves back in the school community, and look forward to achieving much more in Year 2!