May 2019 Meeting Minutes

I personally want to thank everyone’s participation and attendance at tonight’s meeting – what a great RAMILY this Booster Club has become!

  • Maroon and Gold Day is confirmed for Saturday July 27th from 9am-2pm. Discussed a number of activities for the day, as well as nailing down Stadium Beautification from 9am-11am, and the actual celebration from 11am-2pm.
  • Sponsorship Saturday will target local independent businesses in our community for sponsorships. We will meet at Harding at 9am, divide into teams, and head out into our community! This will occur on Saturday June 1st.
  • We will either visit the School Board for the 3rd on June 4th or June 25th. More details to come once we decide the date we are visiting; most likely it will be the 25th.
  • Spring Sports Banquet will be held on Thursday May 23rd at 6pm, and will follow the same format as the previous banquets. If you would like to come and take pictures, please let us know!
  • With school closing for the summer, we have decided on meeting Wednesday June 5th and Wednesday July 10th over the summer. The July meeting will be held at Beauregard’s on Freedom Drive; June meeting location TBD at this time – we will update everyone via website once confirmed.
  • We have agreed on the individual to complete our taxes, and cost of the taxes of the club to be completed at this time per compliance rules by the IRS.
  • Per the bylaws, election results must be done by August 1st, so elections will be held at the July meeting at Beauregard’s on Freedom Drive.
  • Discussed production of a new t-shirt to be unveiled at Maroon and Gold Day
  • Reviewed options for sponsoring business – will update corporate sponsor form for Sponsorship Saturday