Booster Club Funds Policy

Harding Rams Athletic Booster Club Funds Policy


  • The Harding Rams Athletic Booster Club will have funds for discretionary use to support our Athletic Programs. All requests for usage of funds MUST be sent through email to the current club president and club secretary – please use .


  • Both the President and Secretary/Treasurer will confirm receipt of the request and a review process will be held in order to issue approval or disapproval of the funds requested.


  • ALL requests should be submitted NO LATER two weeks of the requested purchase date. Requests made without this notice will automatically be rejected.


  • Requests coming from coaches of any sport should be funneled through the current Harding Athletic Director, who will then submit the request to the Harding Rams Athletic Booster Club. NO requests can come directly from any coaches of any sport.


  • Sports are welcome to hold their own fundraisers, however, any money raised that will be routed through the Booster Club must have a clear amount stated, the person transferring the money to the Club, a contact number and email for the person, and the stated reason why the money is being routed through the club. Without this information in its entirety, the Booster Club will NOT accept responsibility for these funds.


  • The Booster Club President & Secretary/Treasurer has executive authority to authorize emergency purchases for the sole purpose of the Booster Club’s immediate needs which include concessions, day of event needs, and Booster Club’s necessary operating expenses such as insurance and meeting needs.